Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nice browns not far from town

I've heard Rose Canyon described as anything from a minnow farm to a mosquito factory in the many years I have fished it and although a picture worthy fish is not often seen, this season is different.. This year Arizona game and fish stocked brown trout anywhere from fingerling size on up to 6 pounds Here are a couple of decent sized browns taken recently by the FGFF boys. The flies that are working the best on them right now are a #12 elk hair caddis and #14 Ausable wolfe. These patterns are also bring a considerable amount of rainbows. The road in is closed right now but you can park by the gate and walk down. Remember to get your catalina highway day pass so you don't get a ticket for parking along the highway. It's a good distance walk(1 to 1.5 miles) but worth it for the quality fish you will find at the end of the road and being that you had to walk that far there will be none of the lazy, loud, obnoxious, novice fishermen you normally see there in the open season.

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