Wednesday, September 03, 2008

South Platte River - face farts, ding dongs, wader beer and lots of garlic

We spent 4 days visiting Kyle at the YMCA ranch he works at in Deckers, Colorado. What an awesome place, not to mention that it was a 2 minute drive to the South Platte river.

The trip up was pretty uneventful, however I was partying with Dry Creek Eric the night before and didn't get any sleep and luckily I did not forget anything when I packed at a drunken 3am. This is something I will probably not do again for a long time, at least until I forget how much it sucked. Sleep is NOT overrated. I may sleep when I am dead, but I will also sleep as much as I can get away with while I am alive, as well.

We stayed in one of the big camp cabins that is usually made to sleep 20 something kids, and I tell you, it was barely enough to house the 3 of us. Between gear, the fat guys, and the amount of gas that was released, it is amazing that we survived the first night, let alone the whole trip. Aaron developed a new crop-dusting which involves spinning around to release the flatulence from your pants for maximum efficiency. It was brutal. Brutal enough to make Kyle almost puke twice. Thank Christ that the cabin had 15 foot ceilings. The River was running a little high, about 450cfs (cubic feet/second) and this made it a little hard to fish.
We mostly were nymphing with caddis pupas, emergers, tricos, RS2s.... real small stuff. We caught a couple big Rainbows, and a few small browns.

The River was awesome though. Its real nice to get away from the lakes for a while. I think we will have to take a trip up to the Black River and look for some smallies.

Kyle fell in the river and was almost swept away, Aaron also fell into the river, but he was not in much danger, however he did end up with wet-butt, which is always funny. He was quickly picked up by a shot of Jagermiester and was back fishing again. “You know what I don’t get about trout? Let’s say that there is a huge Tyco hatch or something, little tiny things. You should still be able to throw a big old stone fly or caddis nymph or something and catch fish. It’s like if someone told me that steak was out of season, and all there is is hot dogs…. If I found a steak, I will still eat it.” - Aaron.

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