Friday, September 12, 2008

Patagonia lake and fish that never see flies

I packed up my Jeep Monday and went to Patagonia lake for an overnighter just because I haven't been there in a few months. It is a lake that almost never sees fly fishermen so i figured I'd try my hand at throwing flies at these unsuspecting fish. My rig was a wooley bugger as an attractor fly with a green bead head hairs ear nymph behind it.
All the big bluegill came off of the bugger and most of them were on the nymph. And then I felt a tug that felt out of the ordinary, it was a good fight and swore it must be a bass until I got it into my net and saw it was a catfish hanging from my nymph. Weird, I thought and cast out again only to catch another one. I caught a bunch more bluegill and ended the trip by snagging a bass in the ass. it was a weird trip, but as they all are, a good one.

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