Saturday, December 01, 2012

I'm too fat and the pond is too far away...

When you get too old and fat to enjoy the things you did all day every day when you were 14, Shoot it.

3 friends of mine and I decided to do some target practice.. Let me start sooner. Friday morning, I looked in my shed and found my old skateboard. Yeah I tried to ride it, tried. Ed, JJ, Larry, and I were going shooting later in the afternoon, in disgust from stepping on my skateboard and falling on my ass, it ended up in the target box.

From my 7mm. Magnum, 12 gauge shot gun, 30-06 rifle, and .380 Micro Eagle, we took care of this old friend, as well as a bunch of other shit. We could have done more damage, but we had plenty of other shit to shoot.

Kyle, Too fat to Sk8

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