Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I wake up at 4 am, grab the pack I loaded up the night before with my camo taped tri pods, high powered binoculars, water, ammo, and my 7mm magnum. As I open the door to my truck I wonder why the old people feel the need to walk their rodent like dogs in front of my house and stare while i am covered head to toe in brush camo. Can they see me?

I drive 30 miles away from home onto a dirt road up the mountain and see truck after truck. Shit everyone is coming out for the last 2 days of the hunt. Finally i found a spot to park and see a hill that I want to glass off of. I grab my 70lbs. pack out of my truck and start my mile and a half hike.

"I am too fat for this shit" I told myself, but still pushed on.

I reach the peak that I wanted, out of breath and wanting to throw up. I set up the glass and wait for the sun to start peeking over the hill tops. As I scan the half dead bushes, and cactus the wind starts to blow mildly shaking my optics so I can not see much movement on the field.

As the wind dies I am staring at a patch of cactus being approached slowly by a small group of javalina.  Some movement from beyond the prickly pear patch catches my eye. I set my rifle on the other tripod and focus my scope in.

BANG! Someones shot startled my buck down an canyon and out of range.

"Where the fuck is he?" I said to myself.

Suddenly  more shot fire, one after another, I hear yelling off in the distance as i am glassing to see if more people are around. Nothing.

I hike up to another hill top, this time leaving my pack behind. I glass down and see 4 people target shooting at what seems to be nothing. Fucking assholes.

I wonder if this round will be fired off this season.

-Kyle, who wants his first deer.

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  1. Welcome to unit 33. It's every guy including myself that doesn't want to hunt the Mexican border because of illegal smuggling, it's also full of tards and offroad vehicles and recreational shooters that don't have the mental capacity to think about the trajectory of their randomly fired bullet. Good unit for deer, too much use.


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