Monday, July 16, 2012


Had planned to leave for the river today. Ended up getting an email and it turns out that I will be flying out Tuesday to hang with some Remington folks in NC and shoot some photos while playing with machine guns. Yeah... so no fishing this week.

I can't say it sucks because it will be a fun job, with a nice paycheck, but I was looking forward to playing with the switch rod and sticking my toes in the sand.

So I moped around the house a little and ended up sitting down on the couch and reading the Chronicles of Cod blog in its entirety.
 If you have a bored afternoon, throw it in your reader.

Also read this recently. Classic.

If you have the means I highly recommend tracking one down.

Then cook some bacon.

And some beans.

And bonk a brook trout.

-Alex who promises actual water-involved happenings soon.

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