Monday, January 16, 2012


I know little of hunting, let alone Bow Hunting.

I know your basics;

-Be quiet
-Use your safety
-Bring Ammo
-Don't shoot your buddy
-Don't hunt with Cheney.

Rusty Ulmer (my soon to be father in law), along with his brother Randy, are both very well known bow hunters. Rusty, after many years of bow hunting has developed a new broad head that will be taking the market by storm. The new action from this broad head and his ideas have made this one of a kind and possibly the last way to make a fully functional broad head. Sometimes as Fly Fishermen we have to practice with the same line that we plan on fishing with for our next big trip, so why would you not practice with the same broad head? Well you wouldn't until now, now you don't have to damage your blades, or worry about not having a tuned head in your arrow due to the thoughts of a man who loves his hunting. But that is not all of it, the design to cause more damage to your target, whether the arrow gets pushed in deeper to the animal or it begins to come out this will make for a faster kill.
I cant go into too much detail, because I don't know enough about bow hunting to fully understand this new product that Rusty has decided to collaborate with the fellas at Trophy Taker .

More details please check out this video for Ulmer Edge, taken from the 2012 ATA show in Ohio.
This will explain more than I can.

It just looks meaner than hell. -Kyle

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  1. AWWWWWLRIGHT! Cant wait to try them out, I got some Coyotes I wanna hang on my wall.


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