Saturday, November 12, 2011

el salamander

Four parts part Corona or Corona Light
One part Jim Beam

Get some.

-Alex who knows you will love the deliciousness.
-Josh who has the best drinking crazy-eye in the business.


  1. my favorite crazy drink right now is a bear fight, it's a jaeger bomb followed by a car bomb.

  2. OF COURSE you guys like whiskey beers! It's like putting on a tuxedo shirt before the big day, fuckin' classy. Next time you have those mangy Coronas on hand, pop the top, and fill the empty space with tequila....Baja Fog.
    -k8, who may sometimes dress up a bud light with the brown liquor.

  3. not to be confused with SALAMANDRA "the gay beer from Mexico.

  4. i laughed really hard when my word to type in was fattee :)

  5. Oh man you should have taken a screen shot of that one!

  6. I thought about it as I was typing the above post, If I was only 30 seconds smarter

  7. "30 seconds smarter"... oh the possibilities!


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