Monday, July 04, 2011

Manly behaviour

How it's done.

Skirt steak, lamb chops, sweet potatoes, shrimp, asparagus. All on the grill. All ready to plate at the same time.

That's pro.

Happy 4th.

-Alex who learned from the best.


  1. Wood and charcoal is manly. Gas grilling is ... Well, given you made that uber-manly bacon roll thing the other day, I'll overlook it this one time.

    Seriously, where do y'all get shrimp like that out in the desert? Got connections?

  2. The brother has skillz ...

  3. Thanks for that, Luciano. The shrimp are just the plain ol' frozen grocery store variety. They looked better than average so I bought a few lbs.

    Wood or gas, there is no denying the awesome.

  4. Pure glory. You my friend, are a true patriot.


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