Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crappy Times.....

Working, trying to make money, but still times are hard.
As much as I really hate to do this, I must put this fella up for sale.......
As much as I wanted to get out on the salt, to try to catch some tarpon or shark (maybe it's a bit of jealousy) like Alex has, alas I have not been able to break this guy in. Its all new and will stay that way unless I win the Lottery.

Loop Opti Salt 12wt rod
TFO prism 11/12 reel
Scientific Angler Tropi-core 475 grain line

If you or anyone you know has any interest I will take a reasonable offer.


  1. Sorry to hear it, bro. The sharks'll keep.

  2. There'll be time and money to buy more rods and fish to catch for many years to come.
    As long as we don't get hit by a buss or something. "Aaron types while knocking on wood". Hit by a buss, it's a funny image if it's not happening to you. Ahh i'm rambling again, sorry.

  3. Aren't you usually "knocking on wood" while at the computer?

  4. not when i'm lookin at a picture of Kyle's rod.

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Don't do it. Sell your body on miracle mile instead.


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