Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toilet wax applicator made easy

You may have already known that toilet bowl gasket wax works just as good as higher priced dubbing wax. And if you didn't, then I am here to tell you toilet bowl gasket wax works just as good as higher priced dubbing wax.

The only issue is one of application.

Just find an empty lip balm, twist the base till the push plate is back at the bottom, and smash the wax into the tube.

Now you have an easy, clean way to wax your thread... and a near-lifetime supply of said wax for around $3.

Happy dubbing.


  1. .... and your lips - they will never have been so supple

  2. another equation from today's lesson of cost savings through substitution of household items for fishing gear:

    Gink = Albolene
    can also be expressed as:
    floatant = moisturizer

    click yourself right here and you can have a lifetime supply of floaty for the cost of about 1.5 of those little squeeze bottles of dry fly jelly. sorry, no creative dispenser idea here like the suzy chapstick dubbing dispenser.

    yes, get the unscented version. unless carp fishing.

  3. Chris - thanks for that. Good to know.

  4. Yeah, that's some good info, Chris. And I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to fill an empty Gink bottle.

  5. maybe one of the plastic airplane booze bottles. it's about the right size to stash away a good quantity, it's flexible so you can squeeze it and comes with its own cap that usually gets littered about. we just did our wallet and the environment a favor. i will celebrate this idea by buying one presently.

  6. That wax looks like caramel. Mmmmm, a caramel ring. What were we talkin' 'bout?

  7. Ear wax is even cheaper!

  8. Simon, earwax is cheap, but fromunda cheese is the same price and usually it comes with it's own dubbing.

  9. ...and custom scent. Good for catfish.


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