Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pike fail

If catching a fish was just a bonus, you wouldn't work so hard trying.

You would be able to list at least one other reason for the drive, one other destination that wasn't a body of water, either flowing or still, that was actually a planned part of the trip.

I can say that the trip was a success because we got to the destination, fished and came back but the fishing was a failure and I got my ass handed to me by the wind. Throwing a 12wt warm water intermediate line is like throwing braided steel cable when it is below freezing and the gusts keep blowing your line out of the stripping net. I didn't really plan on using it, but it was the only thing I brought that could push into the cold wall of air.

We will be back for spring pike for sure and at least now I know what the lakes look like.

Ice Coffee
Frozen man-parts at Ashurst Lake
A little poon-ice
Upper Lake Mary
Getting ready in the parking lot
Black and red didn't work, and nothing else did either.
A little ice on the guides
It's my fathers left-handed Galvin... I don't reel backwards.
With a couple pointers Kyle handles a camera pretty well.

I would like to thank Paul and the guys at Babbitt's FlyFishing in Flagstaff for the hookup on the hats and the lake tips, "If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use."

Good to know.

-Alex who at least now has a huge box of flies ready for next year.


  1. Days inn...nice choice

  2. Baller status. That's how the fat guys roll.

  3. wow, I cant beleive that I havent ran in to your blog before, I toon a skeeter as well, as fling bugs at fish.

  4. Props for giving it a good shot. The FatGuys seem to have fun, no matter what.
    I could've told you about the tendency of intermediate (monocore, anyway) flylines to get ridiculously stiff in the cold - like a wire cable, you can almost hear it creak while attempting to turn into a loop.
    Now you know.

  5. FishChallenged5:47 PM

    I feel your pain, boys. Was up there in April and July and put up a big, fat zero both times. Not happy. Heard what you did about chartreuse and also heard black and yellow works, too. Will be trying Ashurst again this coming spring, right before Game and Fish dumps in it's first load of "feeders". +1 on the props for the effort.

  6. I will be right back with you in the spring for sure.

  7. some days it's better to sit at the bar and think about fishing. That weather was brutal, At least I was able to start each day with a complimentary bowl of fruitloops at the Days Inn. I like fruitloops. Also the clerk lady was a midget,that was cool too.

  8. My man parts are cold just reading this.

  9. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Quality post as always. I wanted to send a thank you for the art you sent over a while ago. Posted a shout-out for you over at my place. Thanks again...


  10. Yeah I saw that. Thanks Ben!

  11. "Mother Natures a BITCH! but, I love her."


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