Friday, September 24, 2010

lucky lucky lucky bastard guy.

1) Lucky lucky lucky bastard guy gets drawn for muzzleloader Antelope (hard to do) and blasts one.

2) Lucky lucky lucky bastard guy also gets drawn for early season bull elk tag (almost impossible to do) and on the first day shoots himself a 7x6 trophy bull. (estimated 340 point range)


3) Lucky lucky lucky bastard guy still has vacation time so he decides to spend some time fishing on the Black River and snags a 30in, 13.64lb brown.

...loss for words.

Read story here....

Update:  local sources tell me that this fish was named "Bippie" and used to like to dine on bread and cold cuts.

RIP Bippie.


  1. Is that an adipose fin or a f'in flipper?

  2. I dunno but that is one serious kype.

  3. Well that adipose looks a little freakish! Well one down several more to kill go getem boy!

  4. Holy crap! Look at that fish! First time on your blog... I'll be back!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    yeah, good thing he killed it, it might have got even bigger. I guess bread and cold cuts work as well as Alpo® after all.


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