Monday, June 28, 2010

Pond X.2

Bass, Carp, and Gills.

Another ninja fishing adventure, Aaron and i today decided to check out a pond I have been to 2 times before. First time I went alone without trying to fish, i just wanted to see what the pond was like and see all the signs posted everywhere. Apparently as in Aaron's words, if we get caught, "We the violators will be Prostituted"....... thats right not "Prosecuted"!

Thinking right now Aaron may not know how to read, or on second thought he must just have a good ol' hooker on his mind..... like normal.

Now me being armed with my sage launch that I have not caught a fish on yet, My new goofy ass terminator reel, ok its a Airflow Balance 7-9 reel, and this things looks funnier than shit I flipped a shad colored zonker into the base of the reeds and pulled this little beauty out. The carp where everywhere but nothing wanted to take our delicious zonkers. Aaron however managed to pull about 10 gills out in the hour, hour and a half of our fishing. Sometimes where the fishing is good, and you dont want to leave, you have to quit while you are ahead. Though I must say getting Arrested for fishing would not be all that bad. Not like I stole a car or some shit.

Aaron and Kyle- We think trespassing is cool


  1. Nice fish you got there criminal! Next thing you know, you'll be taking video of your adrenaline charged escapades. Cool!

    I used to have a 590-4 and a 480 Sage Launch years ago. I don't anymore but I really miss that little 8' 4wt. It was a sweet rod. I kick myself for ever having gotten rid of it.

  2. Awesome. Gotta love a good trespassing session!

  3. I really don't mind being prostituted, as long as I can choose who I'm dealing with....and no dudes.
    It seems like an ok trade to fish a private bass lake not too far from my house.

  4. I think it would be a very interesting session for you because its very hard to caught fish. You have to wait a lot for it to come to you. But you have finally done your job. Good Luck for the other....

  5. The last post reads.....I'm the son of satan and I'd like to rub your balls!

  6. How come satan's daughter never wants to rub my balls? And if his dad is so powerful why does satan's son talk more retarded than slingblade.

  7. Fish pond repair comment actually translates to go local sports team and when you click on it it links you to crappy porn and gives you a virus

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