Tuesday, April 06, 2010

you probably don't want to look at this (again)

(If you are Orvis brass, you probably are here to look at this.)

As we here at FGFF know, Kyle is a monkey. If you covered yourself epoxy and rolled in all the leftover clippings from Singlebarb's whole career as a fly tier you would probably be close, in density at least. Then he showed up with another bottle of Nair....

I decided not to take an 'after' photo, because Kyle just looks like a five-foot-ten-inch tattooed infant. It's kinda creepy.

I took part in this event for scientific purposes only, a bit of morbid curiosity pushing my hands into the protective gloves. After it was all said and done, Kyle disappeared for a half-hour and upon his return in response to my raised eyebrow all he said was "they are very smooth." Gross.


  1. Whoa. You're freaking me out. TexasFlyCaster

  2. I wouldn't say Kyle looks like a monkey. With that back and neck, lowland gorilla maybe. :-)

    The fur reminds me of that time I cleaned out a stopped up sink. Ugh!

  3. lowland gorilla... yeah.

  4. and they wonder why I don't move in

  5. on the other hand I think I'll nair my back as well using a squeegee I swiped from a gas station. what, they sell gas they can afford another squeegee don't judge me!

  6. Aaron rippin anything off from a gas station, especially one that charges 10 cents more per gallon than the one across the street, deserves an A+ in my book

    2 thumbs up to you buddy

  7. Anonymous2:46 PM

    LOL!!! come on, give me a break!


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