Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cold Cold Colorado, small fish and the most BAD ASS TATTOO EVER!!!!!!!!!

So yeah i don't know how to make pictures small or organized for that matter so i am just going to post them how i see them and maybe Alex will fix it later if he feels the need....... and i cant spell or do that grammar shit for the life of me.

and now we see here the first FGFF Tattoo! it is taken of a huge brown that Alex caught up in The white Mountains. And yes this will be fully colored as soon as I get the money. Also a Huge thanks to Ward from Area 51 Tattoo to help convince me to getthe fully colored fish instead of the green logo, Nothing wrong with the green logo but this fish will look amazing.

you will see here a Small trout that i caught. The little fart put up one hell of a fight tho. Thanks to Rich at Flies and Lies I can Finally tie a good looking egg pattern.

And in this Photo we have people i worked with over the Summer, I know this is has nothing to do with fat Guy Fly Fishing, but you know what, This was taken in the Buck Snort Saloon. A Place where the Fat guys went when Alex and Aaron were up in Colorado. This bar has just about everything you need, except whiskey. its a long drive up a very nasty dirt road where a drunk driver could fall off the side without a problem. So don't drive drunk back from this place. With the Dollar bills hanging all over the bar, the graffiti all over the walls and tables(they do not condone that you mark on the tables), to some suprisingly decent food! Now I say this about the food, because you walk in and see wood stacks, a creeking floor and a pool table. Out on the back patio a creek just below your feet. It seems like a biker bar or an old miners bar. the food you would expect to be like hot dogs, fried chicken, (you know the chicken thats been in the fryer so long it turns to rubber), and any other crap you would eat somewhere where they dont care. The truth is their menu is quite nice with a great selection. Trust me you are fed, they really put a large amount of food on the plate for the price.

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