Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rose Canyon, prarie dogging, bottle caps, and karoke

So, the lake was windy, as you can obviously see by the photo below. But just take my word for it, it was stupid. As always elk hair caddis was working great as with the stimulators. Caught a couple on a royal wolf as well.

There were people their catching on worms, and spinners too... but who cares.

Even though it was a holiday, (cinco de mayo) there were not as many people there as I would have thought.

We ran into a man all the way from Hot Springs, Arkansas, who was apparently road tripping to San Francisco. I would like to remind people from that part of the country that there are certain words that require you to close your lips to pronounce correctly. A couple days later this same guy showed up at the Pawn shop that Aaron works at trying to pawn a car stereo, which was obviously not legally obtained since he was road tripping across the country and we highly doubt that he just happen to bring a car stereo along just in case he had to pawn something for money….. and he showed up on the bus. What happened to his ride? It’s probably missing its stereo.

Anyways, the trip overall was pretty good, except for the time that Aaron almost crapped himself walking from the lake to the bathroom..... damn whiskey shits.

Speaking of shits..... there is a bar restaurant called Mulligan’s here in Tucson, and they have these things called 'bottlecaps' that are basically deep-fried jalapeno slices. They are so damn tasty but bring down hellish wrath on the old pooper.

Aaron and I went to Mulligan’s after Rose Canyon on Monday, and I did not remember that it was Cinco De Mayo..... strange scene. Picture this: Irish type bar with a golf theme, a shitty Mexican DJ, and a white woman karaokeing Felize Navidad. Yea......

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