Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Snus, you lose.

I don't know about where you live, but down here in Tucson, we just recently started seeing the new Snus smokeless tobacco pouches in our convenience stores. Here are my 2 cents about the stuff.

The pack above is what Marlboro has sent out, and it around $1.50 for 6 pouches, While the Camel packs are normal size, and a little more expensive than a normal can of dip. The marketing idea from Marlboro seems sound, since people may be reluctant to shell out 6 bucks for a pack of something they have never tried, and may not like. For around the same price a person could sample 3-4 flavors of the Marlboro.

On first inspection, the pouches are smaller than other pouch-style dip, and are pretty dry, but moisten up well. The flavor is added through a "flavor strip" inside the pouch, and is pretty potent. The Spearmint smelled and tasted exactly like Spearmint gum. It just screams, "Hey kids, this stuff tastes super great!"

Snus is made using "steamed" tobacco, and they claim that there is less carcinogens, so its healthier than other tobacco products. Like Russian Roulette, but this revolver holds 12 rounds instead of 6.

[Edit] - I forgot to put this part in when I first wrote this post and it is kinda the most important part: Snus is a non-spit pouch. The juice is meant to be swallowed, and I gatta tell you, it tastes like candy.

It seems that it does not have as much nicotine as regular pouches, and the small size feels a little inadequate, like if you are not paying attention you may end up choking on it.

If you are hopelessly addicted to chew and work somewhere that does not lend itself to a spitting environment Snus may help you kill your teeth more secretly. Unless you are one of those folks who can just gut the regular stuff, then you have bigger problems to worry about.

So, whats the final verdict....

I guess that my general feel about the whole nonsense is that Snus is just a less manly way to go about getting your nicotine fix, but there is probably a reason it is so popular in Sweeden. But who knows, thems folks and their clocks are nuts anyways. (oh wait, thats the swiss... whatever)

Sometimes you just want to throw in a huge pinch of Cope and play target practice at whatever happens to be floating by in the water. Just sayin'. Plus it can keep people away from you if you don't happen to be feeling sociable at the moment.

In a well-timed post over at Fishing Jones, Pete said it very well. Great know.

Chewing tobacco while fishing ditches, canals, and residential lakes in the exurbs keeps people from coming too close and asking questions. It allows you, without speaking, to declare that you do not wish to be socially engaged.

Total Clint Eastwood in Two Mules for Sister Sara style.

So anyways, that my opinion. Do with it what you will.

-Alex who doesn't advocate the use of any tobacco products, and is just doing his petty journalistic duty, and who also knows that the pun in the title is lame.


  1. Are those much different than the bandits that came out a few years ago?

  2. Yeah Alex I tried those things..... pretty lame. I prefer my Skoal Spearmint. you know the crap you got me onto.

  3. Pete, I forgot to mention, these are NON-spit. You are supposto swallow the juice. That is the difference. They are about the same size as a bandit.

  4. Just say no to unwanted gentrification.

    Chew was meant to be a dirty disgusting habit where you dribbled crap on your beard and bounced the rest off your buddie's boots..

    Chew strikes fear in Wimmen, adds patina to guide boats, and assists in establishing rep with clients.

    Swallow the Juice? That's just wrong. How else are you going to darken the white patch on your beard?

  5. I had quit chewing for a couple years, going strong. Then my roommate got some of Camel's snus type stuff, Taboca I think it was called. I'd pack 4 or 5 of those things in my lip and all it made me want to do was run out to the VP and buy some Skoal.

  6. Search about Swedish Snus, It's completely different than this stuff and is AWESOME.

  7. As a norwegian i dont have much choice but to buy swedish snus but for that i am grateful. Dont - i repeat DONT - buy american snus! If you want snus as it is supposed to be made, taste and enjoyed then buy swedish snus ("General" is a good start ;) ). Honestly, i cant underline that point enough. Want to know why then google/wiki it but in short swedish snus is produced as a "food" and has much, much tighter manufacturing controls around it, US does not. Ive read about your US snus and i wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. Im not saying snus is harmless - i mean, name a product these days that DOESNT have some kind of health risk :p - but there is a reason why swedish snus had the warning sticker on it changed to read "this product COULD damage your health". Trust me, for Sweden/Norway thats pretty amazing, considering how strict laws on tobacco are here. If the goverment here had its way we'd all have to chew tobacco - raw, straight from the plant. Hehe Buy Swedish. I doubt you'll regret it.

  8. Anonymous9:37 AM

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