Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Friend for FGFF, and some thoughts about gear

So I went fishing with Michael Gracie and his buddy John today, it was like fishing with the Fat Guys, just they are not fat. John and Michael pick on each other in some of the same ways Alex and Aaron pick on me, only there was no shooting me with BB guns or farting on my face while I was asleep. I thought of it like this, these are guys going out there and having a good time. The fishing was slow................ no more to say about that. We have been talking about future trips and different fish to catch. Turns out John still has to call his mom on directions on how to brush his teeth, as Michael says, but knows carp on the fly like stink on shit. These guys are real. No bullshit "Oh I have the best gear" or "Oh so you fish with a Wal-Mart set up". These guys don't give a shit, and that brings me to my next point. I was reading a Q&A on Michael's page with Dave Phares, and two sections got me thinking..... "Actually Arizona is a fly fisher's paradise, as we can fish year-round for a wide variety of species." and that is very true, and holds water to Aaron's quote, "If you say that fishing in Arizona sucks, I think you are a shitty fisherman." The other is when Michael and Dave were talking about rods. Rods are a huge part of fly fishing.... for obvious reasons, but people have to see that a Sage or Orvis might not make you a better fisherman. I am not saying that either are crap, in fact I do really like both. This is the thing as said by Dave, "The secret is to find the rod and line that work for you. Go to the fly shop and cast them until you find what works." Some of us have to have the best of the best just because it has an expensive brand name, like my vest, but please keep this in mind, you are buying this shit to make you catch more fish. If you can't cast a $600 rod as well as a $200 rod..... then what is the fucking point to spending the extra $400?????? Remember these are not you teenage daughters jeans so she can look good at school by wearing some stupid brand made by some eyeliner wearing freak from New York, this is fishing..... is there anything more important?

Don't forget to visit Michael.

Oh and today I got this killer "British Sheep Breeds" poster today at Goodwill, I am getting all randy thinking about it!



  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Bullshit - all John cares about is his gear! In fact, he's such a gearhead he has this fricken watch that is supposed to tell what days and times are best for fishing - he uses it as an enticement to fish in the middle of winter.

    I've been meaning to smash it.

  2. Hey Michael, e mail that pic of you and i to me, as you see i stole my giant porn poster off your site!


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