Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A bit of curiosity

I was wondering how many people check out our blog?
Another thing, I am making Lanyards and soon my boss and I will start constructing our own Bamboo and Graphite fly rods. I am sure the ones I make with have the FGFF logo on them as well with weight and length. My boss also wants to start making his own fly reels which I will learn from him and start making some FGFF reels, but that’s not for a long time I am sure. When I start making them if anyone would like one or two you should let me know I will start selling them at cost. Obviously I have no Idea yet how much they would be, but we are getting the graphite blanks in soon from the same company that makes them for some high end companies. I am not sure yet if I am able to name the companies due to copy rights and crap like that.



  1. Any chance to post a photo of the lanyards?

  2. I have one of the lanyards that I can photograph. I think Kyle will be working out some FGFF stickers and beads for them in the future.

    Look for a post to come about getting one if you are interested.


  3. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Kyle - we'll be in your hood on Sunday. What's a local think about that low flow?

    Will trade tips for tasty golden beverage!

  4. Well Michael, I love the low flow, easy drifts and much easier to spot the hogs. But the water raised today to 125 from 70. If it stays around 125 the fishing should remain very good. But if they drop it on Saturday or Sunday it will be a little difficult. I will send you an email Saturday night with flows. Grab your Golden Stones, and your Black Beauties.

  5. I would love to work out a deal on some of your stuff for all the Fly Fishing Frenziers. Post some pics when you get them.


  6. Hey guys awesome blog, logo and everything...Fat Guy XING...to funny!!

  7. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Kyle, just out of curiosity, what do you and your boss do typically - what's your job/business?

    Definitely keep us posted on the swag info.

  8. Scott, Well my boss runs a fly fishing club. right now since we are in our off season we are just tearing apart bathrooms and rebuilding. Its just winter upkeep of the club. But when seasons opens I am the maker of food. But with a lot of free time right now my boss and I hang out and talk about fishing more than anything. He is getting pretty bored so our thoughts of making shit is growing. He wants to build electric powered cars, and i want to make anything and everything in the fly fishing world. Right now he is building a tying bench, not like the oasis benches, tho great designs, but The boss wants to make a full desk with storage and all the trinkets it can have to offer. Think of it as a bench Simms makes, Way to much area to hold and use, but better to have too much than not enough.

  9. Building your own reels. Now that sounds pretty sweet to me.

  10. Well Murdock, My boss is planning on it and planning on teaching me. That guy can make anything, he has a gift. He has already made some possibles, but yet to figure out the disk drag. But yes one day I am sure I will be making some as well


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