Thursday, January 01, 2009

About the biggest pair you ever seen, dingleberry!

How about some videos for your hangover.

Merry new years MFers! Hooray Boom!

Alex and Aaron at Rose Canyon last monday. WTF is snow?


  1. Frozen stream? That's just too bizarre for me. Y'all are truly hard core fly fishers!

  2. I don't know what to say. that was awesome.

  3. Guys, I am proud, though also somewhat ashamed, to have helped you on this path of southern arizona flyfishing.
    In a paradoxical way, you are both everything we hope for and everything we fear in the future of flyfishing. Fishing thorugh the ice at Rose canyon - excellent!
    Good job - keep at it.
    Where was Kyle?
    Rod M.

  4. Don't feel bad Rod, it was inevitable.

    Kyle works at a private fishing club Colorado these days and we only are able to get together a couple times a year.

    Been fishing lately? We should get out somewhere. I saw you set up a blog... you need to get some posts on that bitch!

  5. Hey Rod!
    How goes it in the Arizona waters?
    Its cold here in Colorado, very very cold.
    Thanks again for supporting us and alwase hooking us up with great gear, even tho i was a dumbass when I was playing music with Ian!

  6. Dude, Kyle. C'mon man, "alwase"? I going to tattoo "ALWAYS" on your face.

  7. Kyle -
    Good to hear you have found a corner of Angling Valhallah up there, even staying through the winter - yikes. The "locals' know about the winter fishing, not so many of us tourists up there, clogging the waters.
    Will have to grab Ian and head up north somewhere, get out of this played-out dustbowl of a town.
    Last fishing trip was up to Phoenix and some urban ponds, casting to tilapia, koi, common carp, amur without much success. Caught one 8" largemouth after casting to probably 100 fish.
    Pretty fun, I thought I saw a nice channelcat that turned out to be some kind of gray carp, with feathery goldfish fins. Can't imagine he could get much power in the water, leverage, with those froofy things.
    Pathetic, what we stoop to in the desert.
    I will have to go up and try Rose Canyon, maybe the ice has melted a bit - I know a pretty short way in through the cabins, saves a lot of hiking.

  8. Rod, that path past the cabins is nice, as long as there is no ice on that dirt road, as you know. Aaron and I would love to get up there with you on a Monday or Tuesday.

    Whadda ya say?

  9. Sounds good, let me know when you want to do it.


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