Monday, January 26, 2009

Colorado Sportsmans Expo

Oh god it was amazing! So many booths about fly fishing, camping, bird dogs, hunting, and other random shit I don't care about. Yes the food was over priced, but that is expected. Saw and Met Lefty himself at the fly casting demo, and he taught me shit I would have never thought of. Best of all I got 2 packs of Airflo Ridgeline for the price of 1! Thanks to Hook fly shop. And big thanks to John Kirk who ran the show and Michael Gracie, they got me free tickets. And my dumb ass forgot to put the damn card in my camera so...... no photos.

Bla bla bla,

I am fucking bored right now and haven't posted in a few days or a week, I can't remember, so I am just rambling.

Oh yeah! I am going to Seattle WA on the 13th of Feb. to visit my friend for her birthday. I thought when I am up there I will do some fishing. Does anyone have any tips or anything that I can take up there with me? I don't want to spend the money on a guide. I find it more rewarding to guide myself. But if I don't catch fish I might feel stupid that I didn't get a guide. All you anglers who live or fish Seattle area please throw me some tips, trick, and flies to use.

I am Neptune God of the Sea!!!!!

I just heard that on Family Guy. I have done nothing but watch TV all day, too cold to fish, too lazy to do anything else.



  1. Kyle -
    Talked to a buddy from the Seattle area and he has some ideas were to go in Feb..
    Can you pm me from this site, or call my home - same as when you hung out with Ian.

  2. Sweet Rod thank you! I still have your number and you and Ian will have to make a trip out here sometime.


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