Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OK water, it's pee your pants time.

Folks, a new era of ass kicking has just come to fruition. The Spey Avenger has arrived at FGFF and with him comes heaps of water-beating, beer drinking pandemonium.

He is trained in the ancient arts of Spey Kung Fu, and don't take no crap from the likes of anyone. His style of martial arts was the brain child of Sensei Barton at the Singlebarbed Dojo.

I am super serious folks, when it comes to kicking the holy crap out of H2O, there is no one better. Accept no substitutes, baby.

(who may or may not be the secret idenity of the Spey Avenger, even though he doesn't actually own a spey rod. yet.)


  1. That's a pretty sweet graphic man. Keep them coming. And are you still planning to make prints of the beer one?

  2. Thank! I am still planning to make prints, the only thing holding me up is I have been running a little short of cash in the last couple months for the large proof I want to order. It is not that much, really, but I have been a pretty poor bastard lately.

    It shouldn't be much longer though.

    If you are still interested in replacing some of the beers for your own, you can send me the images so I can make a proof and have it ready.

  3. Nah, those beers are fine dude. And I am really fucking poor right now too.


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