Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Like a frightened turtle....

Yea, so that happened. It has been many moons since I accidentally fell into a lake, and I didn't miss the experience much. That was a steep ass rock, and before I knew it I was nipple deep, and it was a little cold.

Aaron was a pal and only laughed when I fell in, while I was trying to climb my fat-ass back out, and any time he heard the 'squish squish' of my wet-butt. I told him that a real friend would jump in the lake too, but he didn't go for it.

Shrinkage aside we kicked some stockers asses, and the Rainbow Reservator proved itself a worthy fly, bringing in all but one of my fish for the day.

It was also a good time to try out another one of Dane's furled leaders. (DF Furled Leaders) It was a 6' dry fly taper furled with 6/0 Uni-Thread, in the GP trout taper. I added 2 feet of 3x, then 18" of 6x to my dry fly, then another 18" to the nymph. The leader was a rocket, and had no problem turning over all 12 feet, and I only had to reapply floatant once during 7 hours of fishing.

The road to Rose Canyon is now open. This means that every weekend the lake will inevitably be lined with massive amounts of people. Children screaming, dogs barking, powerbait being applied to treble hooks with reckless abandon while stringers are filled with stock trout that will most likely never see a frying pan or the inside of an oven, and will spend the next 2 years growing frost in a freezer before they are thrown away. And there is no reason for that. But I was glad that I didn't have to walk my wet ass up bitch hill.

Do women know about shrinkage?


  1. Sounds like you were "teabaggin," not the political variety, the submerse the huevos in icy water variety. I had one nut, a cowboy/borracho maniac from Preskitt (rhymes with biscuit), that used to paint the window - fishing cartoons - in my shop, call it "river elation."
    Went up there today with friend Gilbert, a wizard at refinishing bamboo rods, reclaiming them from the dead wood pile of old flyrods.
    We celebrated Earth Day by dragging about 5 bamboos down the hill (winter access point) and having pretty much nonstop action on small nymphs for a few hours.
    My Orvis (pre-Perkins vintage) Battenkill 7&1/2' and Phillipson of similar length and weight line fished great, though we missed a lot of the little fish keying on midges. They must have just stocked, as there were a bajillion of the Silly Little Sausages.
    Gilbert said, "That one would be 12 if it had a tail," pretty accurate. He caught a few small browns and was thrilled. He had a Heddon, Webber and Granger rods, 8&1/2 - 9' variety, we caught fish on all of them.
    A great day, the hike back up the hill was not too bad. If the sun stayed behind the clouds it might have been good all day.

  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Glad someone was there to laugh his ass off at your and document the mishap. Great to have pals.

  3. I do a lot better with traction on the rocks with my recently purchased hiking boots, Vibram soles seem to work on dry rock.
    Need to get some of the 5/10 climbing soled shoes for the wet rocks, like the wading shoes, Aquastealth they call it.

  4. It's times like those that make you glad you weren't fishing with a super model or you would've felt really embarrassed.

    BTW, thank you for sharing this on the World Wide Web so everybody (including any super models that follow your blog) can know about it. Pretty of big of you! [:thumbsup]

  5. Thanks, Luciano. I will try to remember not to fall into the lake the next time I fish with Alina Vacariu.

  6. Hey Alex,
    I just got back from a business trip. Thanks for the plug.


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