Friday, April 03, 2009

Wind is a jerk, tiny browns, and a nice little hike.

We were going to go to Aricava in search of bass last Monday, but it was too god damn windy again so Aaron and I ended up at Rose Canyon. We caught our share, your share and everybody else's share of tiny, tiny browns.

The Tiny-Brown Bandito

Since all the snow cleared out weeks ago the road to Bitch Hill was open. The main road to Rose Canyon is closed from October to April you have to park on the highway and walk to the lake. But there is another way into the lake down a bumpy ass dirt road that leads to a trail about 1/4 mile from the lake. The path takes you down a hill that is not too bad on the way down, but a total asshole to climb back up. After you get to the bottom, you wind around base of the hill to the lake on the other side and your fishing.

We left a little earlier than usual, and on the way back around the lake I looked up at the hill and said, "Hey, why do we have to walk all the way around the bottom of the hill just to walk up the other side? Why dont we just walk up this side and then down to the path?" Sounds simple, right?

Yea, ok... it was not as easy was just walking around the bottom of the hill, and Aaron named it the Alex Landeen Death Hike but it did afford a sweet view of the lake.

I karate chopped that tree out of the way with my junk.

The top of Bitch Hill

Oh, Yeaahh.

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