Thursday, April 09, 2009

Beer, it is great. but the Economy sucks

So all this shit is happening with the economy and everyone everywhere has some views on it. As we all know no view is good this day for our economy.

Instead of listing shit about our economy I decided to list my top 10 beers. Lets face it when shit hits the fan you can still grab a beer and feel better.

10. Shock Top- Missouri
9. Moose Drool- Montana
8. Blue Moon- Colorado, or Canada, but I live in Colorado so there
7. Paulaner- Germany
6. Point- Wisconsin
5. Guinness- Ireland
4. Red Stripe- Jamaica
3. New Castle- Great Britain
2. Weihenstephaner- Germany
1. Harp- Ireland

Oh and Whiskey tops all beers all the time.



  1. Looks like you are saving the Canadian beers for us. Thanks you.

  2. back before 9/11 i had some hunting clients who were a-b distributors. shortly after 9/11, when the stock market was tanking and a lot of my clients and their buddies were hurting, they were explaining how beer was counter-cyclical economically. ie. when times are tough, americans drink more beer. i'm heading to florida for a couple weeks the beginning of may. whenever i'm not fishing, i'll be sure to do my part for economic stimulus of the local adult beverage industry.

  3. I think Blue Moon is actually made entirely in Canada, what with the Molson-Coors merger and all. Though after the SABMiller/Molson-Coors merger, who the fuck knows where it's made.

  4. Becks and Black Toad need to be on that list!

  5. Magic Hat - Burlington VT

  6. There's no way you've tried it unless you've been to Oregon, but Terminal Gravity is the greatest beer of all time. Definitely have your back on the Moose Drool!


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