Monday, April 13, 2009

Hold on to your butts, here comes The Reservator.

So there I was, standing in the fly tying aisle at the local shop with my brain starting to ooze out of my ears.

Yellows, blues, reds, browns, and enough shiney things drive a murder of crows to insanity.

The walls begin to close in on me. I am choking on marabou and frantically pulling krystal flash out every orifice. I feel the end is near. I begin give in, give up, let myself go.

On the edge of consciousness I have a vision. It is a fly. A flashy bugger and I know what must be done.

To be used in a tournament at Reservation Lake in the White Mountains in May:

The Reservator

The Reservator Nymph

The Rainbow Reservator Nymph

The Clown Reservator Nymph

Get Some!



  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    give me some of the sumbitches.

  2. i think u stole that pattern from dr. seuss, who was an avid fly fisherman and tier from way everyone knows. as i recall reading in "the making of the grinch who stole christmas," his inspiration for the flies he called the grinch bugger and the grinch nymph was as follows:

    while doing research for the book, he fell into a dumpster in a drunken stupor after a new year's eve party in a back alley in cleveland and passed out. when he was rousted by da man and hauled to the drunk tank, he was covered in crusty garbage from the chinese restaurant that owned the dumpster and his own vomit, plus a load of christmas tinsel and and irridescent confetti that someone had discarded on top of him after sunrise.

    when his best fishing buddy bailed him out of the pokey and seuss got a look at himself in a mirror, that's when he decided that he looked like fish food.

  3. Did you guys tie these? if so I need to start practicing more, and catch up to you guys.... my detail is beginning to suck

  4. Now you need to tie up some blob flies:

  5. Kyle- Yea, I tied these. So get out yer vise and get to work.

    Ken- Holy defamation of character batman! Thems fightin' words, so I challenge you to prove it, old man. If I had a glove I would slap you with it.

  6. alex, just like so much of the grousing about which came first: the chicken neck or the egg yarn, it was totally unsubstantiatable bs i just pulled out of my ass. of course, i was kidding and trying to make a point about how silly but annoying the pompous jackasses of fly tying are when they try to crush the creative enthusiasm of newer tiers under the weight of their allegedly impressive knowledge of the compleat history of fly tying. u know the type: they wear fedoras with tiny feathers in the bands, khaki slacks, a sweater even in the summer, and birkenstock sandals with socks.

    and i actually thought the reservators were pretty slick.

  7. I want to see those stuck in the corner pocket.

    pretty cool idea.


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