Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Equipment review

I work at a private fishing club filled with rich old men, The bad part about it is I don't get to fish our river very much, but the good thing is, I get to try out all the new shit that is coming out now.
I took a break from work and chatting with the old guys to tell you all some of my thoughts on new gear that is coming out now and some, well most that has been out. Please remember that this is only my opinion and it may or may not work for the rest of you.

1. Wright&McGill Essentials Waders

4 stars, I love these! For around $200 how could you go wrong? they are very easy to turn into waist waders and with the pull strap gravel guards they are #1 in my book. They also come with a back support that in turns doubles as a wading belt. Very light weight and easy for walking threw the river. For a suggestion if you don't have the money for Simms check these out you cant go wrong.

2.Orvis Helios

The rods are a bit expensive, but are they worth it?
So I was trying a #4 rod out with a Battenkill reel and Rio line. The rod weighs nothing. the tip flex is a great way to go. i would rate these more for Dry Fly myself. i have never had such a long shoot with such a light rod. The rod is very sensitive, after 4 fish i noticed I was using my indicator as well with the feel of the rod to determine weather the fly got hit or caught on a rock. I have no idea how Orvis created this mutant of a rod but I do like it. Maybe not the best rod i have thrown, (I do like rods that are heavier) But yet alone, AMAZING. I would suggest everyone go out and try these at you local shop.

3. SharkSkin Fly Line

Not for me.
they say, "Its wicks the water away". Then I ask, is that why it rattles threw all my guides? They say,"It will shoot father than any other line" Ummmmmm nope. A line i will get to soon does a much better job. But on the good side, in freezing snow and ball chilling water the line is good. It seems to have the least amount of memory in cold conditions. For $100 i would stay clear of this line.

4. Lamiglas Fly Rods

Its no wonder why i like these rods, I own them. I bought on of their low end rods about a year and a half ago. I cant put this thing down. I love it. I throw a 6# most of the time and it has the back bone of a 9# it seems. I can shoot this rod further than any i have tried before. i don't have much to day about it, but Lamiglas is my rod of choice. The feel and the presentation I get from it is amazing.

5. AirFlo Ridge Line

Rod McLeoud gave me a sample pack of this line when he owned Tight Lines in Tucson Arizona. I haven't been able to fine a better line yet. I do like Rio and the Simms lines too, but the ridge line is my perfect line. The tiny ridges in the line make it for less friction threw the guides and you feel how well the line fills your guides when going for a long shoot. very low memory in the line and i know most people clip off the streamlines loops at the end, but I like it for easier leader change without a mono loop. The only place I found this in Colorado is at Hook Flyshop.

6. Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

Are you sick of hitting small streams and calm rivers with big fish, yet you see how often you have to use6,7, or even 8X tippet? well i now know the solution. In Deckers where the winter water average out about 100cfs I was using 7X tippet most of the time. Only problems are the fish WILL break you off on a rock before you know it or a nasty wind knot will occur. This tippet is not cheap but well worth the money. I have been hitting up more fish on a 4X Fluoro without braking the tippet. For those of you like me who tend to "muscle in the fish" need this tippet. Its strong, its invisible, and its Rio!
Pick it up if you are still using mono you will notice the change.

That is all for now!


  1. great gear review, kyle! i love honesty vs. cheerleading. u give the pros and cons, and that's the way to do it. thanks.

  2. So..... Kyle, about them helios?

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