Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pork-shaped-patty sandwiches, and some casting practice.

Walked into Rose Canyon yesterday. Aaron caught 2 small browns. I didn't catch a fish, or a buzz for that matter. I was wearing the right shoes this time, though.

It has been a couple weeks since we got out, and it felt good to put the rod together again.

Aaron ate a gas station pork-shaped-patty sandwich, which led to a nervous walk to a near by camp site 'water closet' while I followed him making farting noises. He said he finally learned his lesson, we will see about that.


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    About that creepy looking one-legged bump on the log... Did you guys borrow The Gimp from Quentin Tarantino or what?

  2. Went up with a couple of guys last week, caught 3 small rainbows, a buddy caught one brown in the 16" range.
    Planned on going up today to try out a new (to me) Phillipson bamboo rod, recently received from an early flyfishing mentor. My fishing partner pussed out, so maybe next week.
    3 friends going up today, will give a report when I hear from them.
    Whole different lake when the gate is closed - no people, can fish all the way around the lake.
    Lot of rollcasting, though, good practise.

  3. The gimp ties our hopper dropper rigs for us.

  4. Pork shaped? Wait... Pork shaped? Damn, that gave me really bad fever chills.


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