Thursday, February 26, 2009

I don't think I like this guy

So the name Tred Barta is new to me, Maybe i should have heard of him long ago due to the fact that he is some kind of Pro Fly Fisherman. After watching the VS. channel I now know why I haven't heard of him.

Turn the Volume up.

Is Fly Fishing a joke? Hell no, i love this sport and everything it comes with, well i could do without the empty wallet. Tell me what you think of this video. Right now i think this guy is a joke. Maybe i could be wrong.


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    My other fav obnoxious host is the dude from Fly Fishing America. Hey bubba, this isn't college football, now shut the fuck up and fish!

  2. I agree JPL! But where does this guy come off saying all this shit?

  3. tb's got more runaway ego than 99% of the fly fishermen i've ever met or seen on tv. and if he wants to discuss elitism n angling, how about we talk chasing igfa saltwater records around the globe and going on african safaris w/a tv camera crew n tow for a living? cuz that's what tred barta and his "peers" do. and if u call him up and ask him to go squirrel hunting or bluegill fishing w/u, he's prob not very likely to rush right over.

  4. Your face is an embarrassment and a joke.

  5. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Yeah, TB is just trying to pump up his own ego. To even suggest that fly fishing sucks because of elitism, is in and of itself, elitism, because you are just suggesting the very notion that your way is better.

  6. It just might be a tipoff that he wears a fishing shirt with epaulets, like an admiral in some third-world navy. Not like safarishirt epaulets, but little tassels of some material you could probably make a serviceable strike indicator from.
    What a clown.

  7. Dang,

    I never gave up any kind of fishing because of the other fellow - I just moved further into the woods so I didn't have to rub shoulders with there ilk.

    Sure, there's plenty of elitist types in fly fishing, but there are plenty of elitist types in sail fishing and the Pro Bass circuit too.

    The real issue may be that fly types don't tip well enough ..

  8. I'm giving Turd a pass here. I know the snobby pricks he's bagging on. How? I live down valley from the Roaring Fork. Those elitist pricks turn their nose up at hacks like me. Come to Glenwood Springs and ask where the best fishing is and every fly shop in Pitkin and Garfield County will tell you to hit the Frying Pan. Not only are the anglers anal snobby bitches, the fish on that river are too. And you would only catch them down valley where I live as a last resort when they don't have a place to park their Supercharged Range Rover Sport on the Pan. I wouldn't fish with them douchbags if they gave me a free seat on their $15,000, at least probably not, or maybe I would. Depends on Patron consumption.

  9. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I have a vacation house on the source of river well known for fly fishing. Our family member was fly fishing and we are observing fly fishers every single day. We drink coffee and watch them.

    Every day, we can see from 5 to 30 various people fly fishing. They often wear nets on the back, for the fish, and have a lot of equipment.

    I am sorry to say, but in last 30 days, we have not see ONCE a fish being caught. We have seen numerous people with all the setup, equipment and Rambo-looks. We have seen people coming from numerous countries.

    And we have also seen local boys, without equipment, simply fly fishing with a rod.

    We can say from the observation, that the more equipment there is, the less fish is caught. Local boys are simply the best, they know the stuff, and they cannot afford all the expensive equipment.

    I am sorry to say, but fly fishing is delusive activity. You think you are smart by catching a stupid fish?

    Enjoy your hobby.

    We enjoy watching your elitist frustration in the water.

  10. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Fly fisherman dress alike and would fuck with thier pants on if thier gay fly fishing buddies would let them

  11. how do you fuck with your pants on?


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