Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MI Notes, Pt2

I have a sore throat. My nose is blown out. Stained. Swung today and had no love. I think Kevin is disappointed by my performance.


I am worse. No fishing today.


  1. Sounds like perfect drinking conditions.

  2. I second the motion to you Mike. XD Kidding aside, get well soon Alex so that you can go out and go fishing.

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  3. Sucks you're sick dude. I really wish I was still in Michigan too. I enjoyed those photos from the other night. Glad someone is using the mug. Don't let Kevin get you down, he doesn't swing the right way anyway...ha.

    Is someone batting cleanup with Hot'n'Tots and/or spawn bags?

    1. Thanks, dude. Pretty much better now and stuck two yesterday on eggs, so on the board, at least. I am surprised the mug was still there. Everybody here misses you.


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