Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Our state is on fire... can we come fish yours?

Everything, it seems, is burning in Arizona.

In northern AZ strong winds push the Wallow fire as it chews through the forests and prairies of the White Mountains. Belching smoke and ash and defecating destruction, it has consuming over 300,000 acres so far making it the second largest fire in AZ history. As of four hours ago it was 0% contained.

Out east the Horseshoe Two fire burns around Silver Peak. 106,000 acres. 50% contained.

To the southeast crews are cleaning up the last bits of the Arlene fire. 10,000 acres. 70% contained.

Down south the Murphy Fire wanders around the hills and rough peaks just east of Arivaca Lake, a sneaky bastard. 50,000 acres. 15% contained.

Well, what's a fat guy to do? Go fishing, of course.

So that's what I did; took a drive down south with my father to check out the smoke and try for some topwater bass action before the whole state burns down.

The Murphy Fire.
A timeout for the vices.
Sometimes you just have to hand the camera off... Jonathan Landeen photo.

The late morning was warm and relatively calm, the southwestern wind pushing the smoke away from the water and making the fire an afterthought.

Then the cavalry showed up and I put away the 8wt and rowed for a closer look.

Hold on to your hat.

The sky crane's came again and again to fill their holds and the winds grew stronger throughout the afternoon. Needless to say it made concentrating on a soft underhand cast to the bank a little difficult. It was time to head out.

If I knew then what I know now, I might have stayed a little longer.

At noon this Thursday the US Forest Service will be closing the Coronado National Forest for an undetermined amount of time, until "significant moisture is received to reduce the wildfire threat to manageable levels."

Parker Canyon Lake? No, you can't go there.
Avivaca for some bass goodness? Nope.
Pena Blanca? No, that place got torched anyways.
Pataginia? Lol. try again.
Fry Mesa? No.
Riggs? No.


So, our state is on fire... can we come fish yours?

-Alex who is working on his rain dance, but is worried he is too white to impress anyone.


  1. Wow, thats crazy! Never seen them take standing water

  2. Awesome pics.
    NY is wide open, but it's a helluva drive.


  3. You're welcome to come to the South. We haven't had much rain here lately either... maybe that'll make you feel at home.

  4. Come fish the florida canals man! there are hundreds of different species you could catch there! And they are all are fish you find in your local pet store!

  5. Come fish the DA!

  6. Did I mention there are some great micro brews this way?

  7. Hmm... New York, Tennessee, Florida canals, Minnesota with micro brews?

    I'm gonna need new tires and a whole shit load of zingers...

  8. With all the rain we have twice the fishable surface area in Iowa, dont bother to bring any flies less than ten inches.

  9. I like fluff chucking.


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