Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sandwich and a License

“Hey, how you doin’?” I asked, adjusting the pack strapped over my shoulder.

The man behind the counter typed something into the register pad and looked up with midday indifference.

“Is Dave around?”

“He is down at the boat.” He flicked his head toward the double glass doors at the back. “He said to tell you to get a sandwich and a license.”

The one I picked had salami and pepperoncinis.
Capt. Dave Trimble
Mmmm chum bucket
Wide angle lens makes my legs look long like donkey kong.
The biggest one, I think.
Somehow this little guy got all wound up in shooting head. Capt. Dave is on the case!
You and the captain makin it happen!

There is some part of your animal brain that tightens in the presence of a shark.

I have hooked harder fighting fish and larger fish. Fish with equally brutal teeth. Fish that seem to spend more time out of the water than below. But I have never caught anything more interesting. I have never looked at the fish at the end of the fly line with more child-like intrigue. Watching a big blue shark slowly raise its head out of the ocean and munch a popper evokes awe and wonder in the true sense of the word: awesome.

Fishing with Dave was a fantastic experience. Guiding from Alaska to Costa Rica, Lees Ferry to Panama, he knows whats up, and with 1000+ days on the waters off San Diego he will put you on fish.

He can be contacted through and

-Alex who is still in Florida and loving it.


  1. Nice man, I gotta fish with Dave. Wanted to for a while now.

  2. He is a fantastic guy, for sure. I am already planning to get back for some Mako action.


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