Tuesday, March 22, 2011

P P P POW!!!!

Alex Aaron and I went to Patagonia.
Pre-spawn bass can be fun. Toss a fly in their area and piss them off, results are as follow!
Alex and I were at Sportsmans getting ready for the trip, Alex found a crappie jig in the discount bin. It was a green head with a bright magenta marabou body. Alex said "Buy this and throw it all day you will catch the fish."
I said, "I don't want it, its too damn big and too bright for these fish."
Alex kept bugging me to buy the damn thing, and now I am glad he did.
I dropped it and watched the bass circle it for a bit, then he sucked it up!
I tossed it to another bass right after and BAM!!!! Another one.... almost.... It broke me off.

So throwing for fish that just are not interested in anything, I remembered that I pissed off 2 bass and landed the smaller one on some super ugly bright colors. I put a fly on that Aaron tied for me a few years back, Yes it was ugly and bright, I pulled that guy out with it. I am satisfied!
Now for my stupid photo with my big bass of the day!


  1. Inspirational photos... Guess I need to head out to Pleasant and hit up some of those spawning bass. Great stuff as always guys. Thanks for posting.

  2. Like the tightlines cap - and the tude - Kyle.

    Touch of arrogance with no condescension.

    And nice fish in hand.

  3. Good story,bass will eat allmost any thing,take a look a some off the bass lures on the market,fire tiger have'nt ever seen a chartreuse & fire orange critter in my local waters.

  4. You made our recent top ten list. Check it out at thedailyhuntandfsih.com


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