Thursday, July 29, 2010

White Mountains: Most of the time the it felt like this...

Get up real early and eat a massive egg, steak, cheese and salsa burrito to get the bowels all randy. Load up the truck, strap the pontoon to the back and walk back inside to take a massive wall-expanding buttery dump that will inevitably lead to itchy-b-hole 20 minutes later.

Gather rods, put on your waders and boots and back your truck out into the street. Take the pontoon boat off the truck and set it in the middle of the road. Put on fins, and rig rods, place yourself on the seat and proceed to punch yourself in the face continuously for 2 hours while a buddy sprays you with the hose.

Put boat back on truck, unrig rods, take waders off, scratch itchy b-hole, drive truck back into garage and start drinking and bitching and wondering why you didn't catch any fish.

I might have taken something to ease the pain....
Most of the time it felt like that.... But not sightfishing with ants on Christmas a god damn cornucopia of awesomeness...

Many Apache trout.
Super ultra short report version brought to you by Captain Morgan 100 proof. More to come... probably.


  1. NICE! I'm sorry I missed it this year that was a trip I have looked forward to every year since I met Alex. I'm going to have to quit this pesky job, it's really screwing with my fishing career.


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