Friday, July 30, 2010

When the dam breaks, you feed the undesirables to Tuesday.

The fish remaining in the lake most likely would not survive being transported to another lake, "and even if we could, most are carp," the VP said. "Where would we put them? Most urban lakes are always looking for ways to get rid of carp."

So what do you do? Feed them to alligators, of course. Duh.

...and the rest of the fish were washed to a dry grave when most of the 3,065 acre-feet of water blasted down the usually dry Salt River wash bed.

I can only imagine there was a Phoenician opportunist downstream somewhere furiously stripping a crayfish pattern through the muddy deluge hoping to become a legend when he pins some poor confused bastard large mouth bass where no fisherman has gone before.

I will be the guy wading around in the mud rigged to the teeth loading up on my roughfish hero shots.

In the end, it's just one less fishy place in this damn desert, at least for a couple years.

More story here and here.



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