Monday, February 18, 2013


"Hey! Did you know that there is a special in-store screening of IF4 coming to a Cabela's near you? You should totally check it out! There will even be cheddar-flavored popcorn!"

"Wow, that is awesome! I live in Shitstainville and nothing cool in the fly fishing industry ever comes close to my stupid town but there is a Cabela's like two hours from my house, so I would totally go check that out! How much is it to get in?"

"It is totally free, bro! Even the cheddar popcorn!"

"Holy Shit! Wait, don't you  have to pay to get into the actual show?"

"Totally, bro."

"So why is this one free?"

"Oh, well, it's an abbreviated version of the actual festival and it's complementary."

"Oh, okay, so like, what will they be showing?"

"All of the films, bro! Just the abbreviated versions."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, they are she short versions."

"Like what, the trailers?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"You mean like the ones on the IF4 Vimeo site?"

"Yeah, dude, but this is totally better cause they will play like one right after another!"

"Where will they be showing the trailers, on a big screen in the store or something?"

"Nah, dude, it's like a laptop and projector in a meeting room stuffed way in the back corner of the store. So like you just walk in and ask three employees where the IF4 screening is, because the first two will most likely have no idea what you are talking about, then find the meeting rooms, get your delicious free cheddar-flavored popcorn, sit down and wait for some Cabela's employee to walk in and press play on the laptop and enjoy, bro!"

"So wait, let me make sure I understand: all they are playing is the teaser-trailers that have been running around the internet for months?"


"Anybody going to be there?"

"Ah, hell yeah, bro! I mean, there is totally going to be at least a couple people there, probably, not even including the Cabela's girl who presses play on the laptop!


"Did I mention the cheddar popcorn? That shit is tasty, bro."

Ben Smith w/cheddar popcorn, bro.

-Alex who is still in reeling in awe and wonder and totally understands why organizing these "screenings" at Cabela's was not a complete waste of time.


  1. Mmmmmm.... Cheesy popcorn.... Let's see... Closest Cabelas only 300 miles... Cheesy popcorn...

    1. Supermarket popcorn + Internet at home + alcohol = much more better.

  2. I would like to say that your experience was the worst of all of the Cabelas’ viewings of the films. It couldn’t have been. I went to the store to help promote our fly fishing club with a couple of friends on Sunday morning. One of my friends reminded us that they were showing the films at 10 AM. I had heard that they were the shorter versions of the films, but I thought they meant 20 minutes of each film—not just the 3 minute trailer I had seen months ago. Obviously I was wrong. When we made our way into the big game room, we quickly realized what a joke the “screening” was. It was a laptop, projecting at a slightly askew angle onto a projection screen that looked like it had been wadded up and shoved in a closet for a few years. Te projection screen was probably 6’ x 9’, but it was only showing on an area of the screen that was about 3’ x 5’. The films were washed out by the light that was placed directly above the wadded up screen. The trailers would stop every two minutes or so in order for the buffering to catch up. And the worst part? No cheddar popcorn. I sat for about 35 seconds before heading back to our club’s booth to tie up some flies. What was IF4 thinking letting Cabelas call this a film festival? Massive fail.

    1. No cheddar popcorn? Holy dogshit, I'm surprised everyone got out alive. At least you had a club to retreat to, with people, and a booth, and fly tying. And at least your screen was in the "big game room" which I am assuming has more personality than "Meeting Room B".

      It was such a bad idea. Don't tease people with this nonsense. Just let the show be the show because if you can't attend the actual festival, these Cabela's screenings are going to do nothing but piss people off.

  3. Strange experience I'm sure. I'm going to my first ever fly fishing movie fest (it's the other one- F3T) next week in ATL. I really hope they have cheddar popcorn.

    1. That should be a good time, popcorn or not!

  4. It's not like Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the US or anything...

  5. Lame lame lame. Glad I didnt go. Sorry it sucked bro....

  6. Sounds like your IF4 experience was about as good as mine last year:

  7. Where could I get this shirt?



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