Sunday, August 26, 2012

the DSP effect

One man said that the carp here were just like the carp back home, if the carp back home didn't eat.

I feel warn. Some people say that the water will begin to burn if you don't wash it off soon enough. Some have said that the tingling can start within minutes of entering. Still, I feel that people who wear waders in this river are not to be trusted.

The sun had just started to push yellowly at the metal blinds in the living room. He handed me a cup of coffee.


"No sugar."

I needed the coffee. Not because I like coffee. I don't like coffee. It makes me twitchy but I needed to take a shit before we left the house. It is easier to drink coffee for that purpose with some sugar.

He slurped loudly and the sound was somehow reassuring. Someone creaked the ceiling barefoot from above.

His car is clean. He just had it detailed and even picked all the french fries out from under the seat that flew out of the bag that I was put in charge of securing. There is a giant oversized Humphrey Bogart Plus dure sera la chute poster on the wall in the living room that I almost don't even notice anymore.

You see, there is this plant material that is floating down the river all the time. It is floating down right now. I can hear it silently pissing me off. When your line lands on the surface of the water, this material will slide down the leader as it sinks and become stuck on your fly. The carp, which are for the most part not interested in what you have going on anyways, will be less interested in what you have going on when it is covered in salad. I didn't catch a fish. I am not using the salad as an excuse, just pointing it out as a new development in my DSP carp chronicles.

We were going fishing. We did. It was much of the same.

Some people don't care about salad. Some people are professionals. Some people are winners.

Will Rice and Clint Packo. Winners.



  1. Sounds like a good time man!

  2. Waders are to protect my silky legs and other parts I want to keep for a long time, although married and those parts don't get used much anymore! Great seeing you! Thanks for coming and the blogs!

    1. In the DSP, what doesn't kill you makes you glow in the dark.

  3. It's true the river could use some clean-up, especially since it is an urban river, and that's one of the reasons for the Carp Slam. The other is making the habitat better. But this crap about glowing in the dark and having parts fall off? Get a life. There are NO NUCLEAR plants along this stretch of the South Platte. This water is from the same alpine source used by the many breweries in the Rocky Mountains. (Not to name any names.) If there's anything in this water to harm you, it's because you probably put it there when you used the crapper mentioned earlier in the post. Like a lot of rivers in the world with upstream sewage treatment plants, the water in the South Platte is used over and over. Older sewage treatment plants in the US don't do well taking out the passed through birth control, erectile dysfunction, and psychotropic drugs. So being in this water is actually better for you than not. That glow was probably from the passed through Viagra not removed by upstream wastewater treatment plants.


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