Tuesday, June 12, 2012

4 hours of driving

4 hours of driving, 3 hour of fishing, 1 fish to show for
.Well at least I wasn't working.
Worth the drive and slow fishing to catch just 1 koi.
Blew up the bathroom as soon as I got home


  1. I would have blown the bathroom up both before and after. Probably would have gone during as well. At least you weren't skunked!

  2. Hey, it was a good fish at least.

    And thanks for the bathroom report. I think a side page on FGFF with photo updates of bowel movements is in order.

  3. Don't tempt Aaron, he will post some Jäger snakes, Leprechaun Vomit, and what ever else kinda turds he creates

  4. Yeah I've had some movements lately I call "The yellow monster" which are comprised mostly of Philly cheese steaks and whiskey. Nice fish kyle those wild koi are fun.


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