Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hobo Beer

My recent unemployment "retirement" as I like to refer to it has lead me to try and find cheaper, more efficient ways to go about life and feel as normal as I can.  I can live off dollar store hotdogs and ramen forever, and I'm not super picky about my beer until I stumbled into this one.  I shoulda known $2.99 for a six pack was too good to be true.  It's called Big Flats Lager.  A new "premium" Walgreens brand beer.  Long story short, I believe bitter beer face really does exist.
I was raised never to waist anything though, so I will be drinking it ice cold with a funnel.  Man I hope I get a job soon. 

Aaron-Who as Alex likes to say, Is "drowning some time"


  1. I don't understand. Its got a rustic-themed label with "Premium" on it, so how could it be bad?

  2. The can looked awesome, the contents tasted like crap. Rolling Rock is my least favorite beer and this beer tastes like a bum pissed in my Rolling Rock. So I guess now Big Flats is at the bottom, It gives you a mild buzz, but the taste is not worth it.

  3. jpiii9:50 AM

    Here is the entrance to the brewery.

  4. Nice, that's totally hobo style


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